How to clean a fish bowl

Simple ways to clean fish bowl

Often fishes are stored in people’s homes. Having a small fish bowl in your living room makes peace feel, but the bad odor from it spreads to the whole room. This is a weird smell that makes our home indelicate. But it is not so difficult to clean up this fish bowl. You can make smiles clean and fresh, only with the help of some household items.

Today Fishdesire will share tips with you in which you will know how to clean the fish bowl so that the smell coming in it ends. The fish bowl is glass, so it should always be appropriate. Before cleaning the fish bowl, keep the fish in water at some other place.

So let's start to clean your fish bowl.


Mix vinegar and water together and put it in a bowl. Then wash it with clean water after 15 minutes. The vinegar will remove the smell of bowl.

Baking powder

Use baking powder once in three months. This will clear the green Kai’s footprints.


Put lemon juice into bowl and clean it with scrubber. Then wash the bowl with clean water. This will make the bowl shiny and it will not even smell.


If you have salt at home, put it in a bowl full, then pour light water from above. Clean the bowl with hands and get rid of the scars.

Use of soap

The stain can be cleaned with soap but the smell coming in the bowl can’t be removed.

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