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Fish tanks serve a very important role, providing a secure place for your pet fish to live. If you like your fish, you naturally need them to own a comfortable environment at all times. This requires selecting the best fish tanks possible, ones that have impressive options that will create your plan successfully.

The wrong selection of tanks will make the whole experience boring and also simply kill the fish because they're going to not be receiving proper care. Whenever you enter a room with a tank, it always feels like a home. Fish tanks aren’t created simply to deal with pet fish, however conjointly to bring additional style and interior decoration into a room.

You do not need to go to a big fish tank; a small one with an impressive style will still give stunning decor. You’ll place it on your office table or at home and look at the tank whenever you're feeling bored or in need of that good relaxation.

If you're looking for reliable small fish tanks, look no more. We are proud to stock one of the biggest choices of nano aquariums and small goldfish tanks on-line. No matter your budget, no matter your needs, we are confident that we've got the perfect fish tank for you.

Some small fish tank


  • Brand Name   : FREESEA
  • Tank Size       : 1.4 Gallon
  • L*B*H           :  7.8″×7.8″×5.5″, 

The 1.4-gallon office desktop half-moon small aquarium can raise betta, guppies, angelfish and other ornamental fishes. The aquarium is provided with led lights and 2 decorative plastic aquatic plants, and you'll also buy other decorations by yourself. What's additional, the small aquarium would make you happier and relaxed even during a day or at night. There’s a free complete filtration system hidden well behind the aquarium. The power bank or laptop terminal is available for charge supply as it is 5V USB power. if the water pump doesn't work after the aquarium installation, the reason for that the voltage isn't enough. You’ll use a power bank or phone power plug to have a try.


  • The filter works great and runs very quietly.
  • It is nice and bright


  •  Living space is very small

Fluval Spec III

  • Brand Name   : Fluval
  • Tank Size       : 2.6-Gallon
  • L*B*H           : 8.7 x 10.8 x 11.8 inches

This 2.6 gallon etched-glass fish tank with aluminium trim combines style and functionality in one little package. Though small in stature, Fluval specification is big on features. It comes with a sleekly-designed overhanging lighting system, consisting of 31 powerful LED lamps, that arches higher than the fish tank to provide good illumination for plants and decor. The fish tank includes a strong circulation pump with adjustable output nozzle and a large 3-stage filtration system that provides more than enough filtration for ultra clean and clear water. It also comes with all the required filter media: a porous foam block with convenient handle, activated carbon and Bio Max bio rings for effective and thorough mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. The pump and filtration system are handily located in a separate chamber at one finish of the fish tank to simplify maintenance.


  • Simple, straightforward design
  • Come with good starter kits


  • LED lights are faulty or do not last long
  • Too small

Tetra (Half Moon)

  • Brand Name   : Tetra
  • Tank Size       : 1.1 Gallon
  • L*B*H           : 4.6 x 9.1 x 9.9 inches

The tetra led half Moon Betta Environment is the excellent tank for any size area. 1.1 gallons makes for less maintenance and is nice for first-time fish keepers. The half-moon shape provides optimum viewing from multiple directions. Feed your Betta fish with ease through teh convenient high feeding hole. Produce a unique environment by moving the led lightweight higher than or beneath the tank to give your tank a look only for you. This tank measure can fit in even a small space of your home. Create a focal point for any room by incorporating a fish environment that brings the area to life. Simply add decoration and gravel!


  • Half-moon shape gives you a large viewing window
  • great choice for desk or counter
  • priced under $15


  • Very small tank only 1 gallon.
  • Doesn’t include any equipment other than LED light.

Umbra (Fish Hotel)

  • Brand Name   : Umbra
  • Tank Size       : 1.8 Gallon
  • L*B*H           : 7.5 x 7.5 x 8 inches

The umbra Fish hotel mini aquarium is a perfect starter aquarium - an award-winning cool, trendy home for your finned friends like bettas, goldfish, and other small fish. Modelled after contemporary condominium residences, this reinvented aquarium features a sleek white shell with asymmetrical windows. Individual units will be stacked to make a condo impact. Small glass bowl is removable for cleaning. Measures 7-1/2 inches by 7-1/2 inches by eight inches and holds one.8 gallons of water. It is original, modern, casual, functional, and reasonable design for the house.


  • The tank look cool
  • Best for kids
  • The tank was easy to set up. 


  • This tank is too small

Marina CUBUS Glass Betta Kit

  • Brand Name   : Marina
  • Tank Size       : 0.9 gallon
  • L*B*H           : 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches

The marina Cubus Glass Betta Kit offers you an escape the stresses of your life by introducing a relaxing part into your everyday environment. Be it at the office or in the home, the stylish and unique style of the Marina Cubus Glass Betta Kit adds a small piece of tranquility to any room. The kit comes complete with a 0.9-gallon glass cube fish tank with an acrylic cover, a pedestal base, and an ultra-modern and durable led lamp unit. The powerful led lights will bring out the bright colors of your plants and fish. The marina Cubus Glass Betta Kit is the excellent kit for entry-level aquarists.


  • very sleek rimless glass tank. Trust me, it looks freaking awesome
  • small space requirement and looks very nice on a desk


  • It’s a small tank. It’s very difficult to keep stuff alive if you don’t know what you are doing

Tetra (Waterfall)

  • Brand Name   : Tetra
  • Tank Size       : 1.8 Gallon
  • L*B*H           : 12 x 10.8 x 13.5 inches

If you're interested in getting a fish tank, however hoping for something unique, fun and all-in-one, we've got the kit for you! The Tetra(R) waterfall Globefish tank Kit has built-in filtration that doubles as a waterfall feature for your tank. With the flip of a switch, the low voltage led lights can illuminate your stunning new global environment and complete the design. The soothing waterfall feature is an excellent final touch for your new environment. With inbuilt filtration, the highest feature adds double the benefits. The Tetra(R) waterfall Globefish tank Kit provides an excellent environment for first-time fish keepers. no matter what kind of fish you're interested in, this kit is the begin you're searching for. This unique take on the classic "fishbowl" shape offers you the proper opportunity to add personality to your home. Whether you want one fish or 2, the chances are endless with the colored gravel and plant mixtures.


  • The pump is quiet and more than sufficient for the size
  • Easily change filters cartridges.
  • 8 bright white LED lights give a nice “moonlight” effect at night.


  • The flat bottom of the glass bowl is just about 4-5 inches in diameter- makes it harder to place some kinds of plants or ornaments in


  • Brand Name   : Tetra
  • Tank Size       : 1 Gallon
  • L*B*H           : 6.5 x 6.5 x 8 inches

For 50 years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and sweetness to their homes. Whether you're a knowledgeable hobbyist or just beginning out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large type of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decoration. The tetra 1 Gallon hexagon bubbling led Kit offers you all the essentials for fishkeeping success. the little size allows you to set up a gorgeous tank in any space. This kit is nice for starting fish keepers. The hexagon} shape provides multiple viewing angles and also the clear lid with a feeding hole makes maintenance simple. Watch because the led bubbler brings your tank to life with red, green, blue and all the colors in between.


  • water is lasting about 3x longer without the need to replace it with fresh water
  • The pump is extremely quiet.
  • The light is beautiful.


  • The air hoses are a little bulky, hard to organize, and hard to hide.


  • Brand Name   : Koller
  • Tank Size       : 2 gallon
  • L*B*H           : 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.5 inches

Aqua View 2-Gallon aquarium includes energy-efficient led lighting with seven color selections plus 4 transitioning and color combinations you'll be able to choose depending on the time of day or to boost your viewing pleasure along with internal power filter which will keep your aquarium water optimal and your fish healthy. This trendy fish tank is designed for easy setup and maintenance. Imagine looking stunning tropical fish gently swimming back and forth, ideal for helping forget about stress in everyday life. People enjoy look aquariums as they will be calming and restful, as well as a gorgeous addition to any home or office. Optional 5V power adapter (AQ51000) offered on Amazon. Gravel and decoration sold separately. Uses Tetra Whisper XS filter cartridges.


  • The filter is pretty quiet
  • The LED lights have so many settings and can be set on for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.


  • The filter developed some loud noise within 2 months

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