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Fish tank water pump

In a way, your fish tank is a simulated ecosystem– to maintain it; you need to recreate what the natural environment will to keep fish alive and healthy. Supplying oxygen to the fish is one of the 2 most important things in recreating the ecosystem, and constantly flowing water is that the other. To simulate the effect of flowing water, fish tank pump is required. A good fish tank pump keeps the water flowing, which is important for the air within the tank to circulate and to allow the water to flow to the filter and take away contaminants.

The two kinds of pumps

Aquarium pump can be either internal or external. Internal or submersible pumps – because the name suggests – are mounted within the tank and encased with waterproof materials. They sometimes placed close to the ceiling and can also be integrated with filters. External pumps are placed outside the tank and a little hose connects to the fish tank, delivering pressure to the water. These are sometimes used for small tanks that have limited areas inside the fish tank.

Size and turnover rate

The size of the fish tank usually determines however powerful the pumps should be. Powerful pumps will generate a great deal of heat and can raise the water’s temperature to unsafe levels. This is why you should fit your tank for the proper size of the pump. Naturally, larger aquariums will require additional powerful pumps. Some may even need 2 pumps in one fish tank. For constant provides of clean water and air, pumps with a high turnover rate are desired. Closed aquariums generally want higher turnover rates than open aquariums.

Some Best Aquarium Pump


This pump comes with a Compact design that is nice for space-saving on your aquariums and fish tanks. Multiple size insert fitting and suction cups enclosed. The device does not want any tools to disassemble it and is extremely easy to be clean. Place the pump flat on its base, and you’ll get several positions. Manually rotate into the required position. The pre-filter screen handles massive particles that need less maintenance. Designed for freshwater use only. Comes with a 5ft long power cord offers convenient installation. An Adjustable Knob to manage the water flow, so you’ll get simply the amount of water pressure you would like. Max Flow Rate: 800 GPH (3000L/H), max lift height: up to ten Feet. Watt: 24W; Voltage: 110-120V. The highest flow rate will be up to 800 GPH (3000 L/H). Lift height will be up to 10 ft. superior energy-efficient pumps designed to be used in Ponds, Waterfalls, Hydroponic Systems, Fountains, Irrigation Systems, and water features. Super durable & reusable; Comes with a 2-Year warranty.



This Submersible water pump is designed for ultra-quiet operation and reliability to provide years of service energy-saving and low power consumption. This profile size fish tank pump is great to hide or disguise. Come with 4 strong suction cups at the bottom of the pump, simple to mount it onto the glass surface either horizontally or vertically. Equipped with 3 Outlet Adapters, one is 0.75inch one is 0.51inch, and the other one is 0.87inch, providing different water flow effects. This submersible water pump is ideal for salt-water, fresh-water, can be applied in a fish tank, fountains, spout, hydroponic, and pond. Easy to separate!  Easy to clean!


This pump comes with the latest designed for reliability and ultra-quiet operation to provide years of service, energy-saving and low power consumption. This profile size pump is nice to hide or disguise with no seals or untidy oils, the suction cups mounting feet for either vertical or horizontal mounting. Equipped with three Outlet Adapters, one is 0.51inch,one is 0.63inch, and the other is 0.75inch, providing special water flow as you desired. This submersible pump is right for fresh-water, salt-water will be applied in a fish tank, fountains, spout, hydroponic, and pond. The pump is simple to detach to clean.


This pump comes with an adjustable knob to manage the water flow rate, so you’ll get just the amount of water pressure you wish. The water inlet is close to the rock bottom of the tank, and also the pumping water will be as low as 5mm, and the water absorption is additional thorough; 360-degree Omni-directional pumping and excrement, with water getting into all around, there’s no dead corner to absorb water, solve the matter of cleaning fish! Ceramic shaft core, using a high-strength wear-resistant rotor, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance! Ultra-quiet, clean up the residue, enough power, save energy and electricity, common in freshwater. Built-in thermal protector chip, intelligent anti-drying; pure copper wire, a lot of stable power, longer service life, and more energy saving. Super sturdy & reusable; Comes with a 12-month warranty.

Simple Deluxe LGPUMP400G

Simple Deluxe Submersible pump is designed using the very latest technological developments. The pump is suitable to be used in hydroponic systems, fountains, aquariums, ponds, and filter systems. This pump has been developed on the basis of synchronous technology, whereby the electrical components are parts encapsulated in epoxy resin Reliable – This pump has a cost-effective, powerful, and reliable motor. This pump is provided with a ceramic shaft and therefore also suitable to be used in saltwater.

Winkeyes 1050GPH

This is a strong powerful fountain pump max lift height: 13ft (4meter). 100W high-efficiency motor for energy saving. Lift height could be a max height the water goes up, when connecting the water pipe to the nozzle (Make sure the joint sealed securely and tightly) the motor reaches a particular temperature can stop working when without water, to guard the pump. Max water temperature: 35℃.Corrosion resistance, strong driving, long working life, therefore submersible pump also fit for seawater. No need for any tools to detach it, simple to separate, simple to wash.100% safe,non toxic,non- radioactivity design.


This fish tank pump is submersible, and need to be placed into the water fully before power on to avoid the fish tank pump burning out. 45watt motor is powerful, quiet, and offers a high adjustable lift. Also options a stainless-steel shaft for corrosion resistance. Pump filter contains a sponge inside, it will filtering water impurities, just in case of causing pump stuck & impeller break. This powered submersible pump is ideal for tiny to medium-sized aquariums, small ponds, water gardens, and desktop water fountains. The small profile size makes the pump easy to hide or disguise.

CWKJ Fountain Pump

The fountain pump will create circulation to your tank and provides your beautiful fish a near-natural environment. This submersible pump will produce a water current, ideal for a medium-sized fish tank, small pond, water garden, and desktop water fountains. Excellent for backyard fountain/waterfall, aquarium, ponds, fish tank, tabletop fountains, garden statuary, terrace drip irrigation system and hydroponic systems, and more! The fountain pump is designed with an adjusting knob, allowing you to get just the amount of water pressure you would like. It comes with 3 optional nozzles to make completely different views, every with its own unique design. 25W super efficiency motor regularly lifts the water column. The affordable long power cord is heavy duty and simple to put in.


The reliable and sturdy motor doesn’t produce a lot of noise, giving you a quiet environment. Equipped with 3 Outlet Adapters, one is 1/2inch, one is 5/8inch, and the other is 3/4inch, providing totally different water flow effects. The proper size makes the pump simple to cover or disguise in the water. This pump is comes with suction cups that are great for mounting onto the glass surface. This fish tank pump is designed for medium to large size aquariums, fountains, water gardens, hydroponic, and pond. No want for tools to detach it, simple to separate, simple to wash.

Submersible Water Pump

This pump has one filter sponge, which can effectively filter massive blocks during pumping to prevent pump blockage, effectively improve the circulation system to take care of a clean water environment. It would discontinue the power supply once the temperature of the pump is high, No need to worry regarding there’s not enough or no water in your pond or fountain once out for a trip. Running at a whisper-quiet level, the motor inside produces no noise, this provides you a quiet environment even with one in your bedroom!  After an amount of use, you’ll decide that our pump is “High rate of flow, Low power consumption, Energy-saving” circulate and aerate the water, making it a lot of attractive to your fish or turtles. This submersible pump is ideal for tank, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems, etc.

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