Fish tank maintenance

Now that you have your tank set up and stocked with fish, it’s important to perform proper care and maintenance.(Read more)

Non Fish Aquarium Animals

When you’re filling up an aquarium, don’t stop with just fish. There are lots of beautiful aquatic pets that happy to live with fish (Read more)

Care Guide of: Angelfish

Angelfish are a species of freshwater cichlid fish and that they are one among the most popular species of tropical fish tank fish. (Read more)

Best freshwater aquarium fish

Freshwater fishes in the Aquarium are generally preferred by Carp, Gold Fish, Cichlids, Catfish Molly, Guppy, etc. because they are of much color and size.(Read more}

Saltwater aquarium fish

With regards to saltwater aquarium fish, there is a tremendous choice of animal groups you can choose from.  (Read more)